Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Brampton show & Jonathan Dewar

On Sunday, me and my good Friend Alun took a trip up to St Ives for the Brampton model show. Its pretty much all military but the SFMUK were having a table so up we went to add our efforts.
It wasn't a bad show, great if you're into the military, but there was nowt i wanted to buy and the public turnout was rather poor.
Still, it was good to put faces to names on the SFMUK Forum and have a nice natter.
This pic by Alun gives an idea of some of our stuff:

A REAL surprise though was to find Jonathan Dewar sat upstairs at a table.
A genuine legend of the early UK Garage Kit scene, he produced some stunning original and film sculpts and his pages in the excellent UKGC book i used to pour over endlessly.
My respect for him leapt even higher when i realised from that book that he was the creator of the STUNNING Thing diorama that was a magnificent feature of Forbidden Planet's display case showcasing the hobby.
He was also the creator of the brilliant, and really rather disturbing, enormous Rawhead Rex figure with the enormous todger.
Anyway, had a good natter with the guy - and what a great bloke. Friendly, intellegent, enthusiastic and great company. There were a whole bunch of his works on the table:

including an awe-inspiring Peresus, part of a huge diorame which will capture the moment of him decapitating Medusa.
Stunning stuff, and the highlight of my day.
Sadly, i've only one kit by Jonathan, his excellent Mad Max:

Unfortunately, i built it at the start of my large figure builds, so the skin tones and work on the eyes i kinda wince at now, but they don't detract from what a brillaint, mixed-media kit it was and i still rate it as one of my favourite ever builds.


abcwarrior said...

Looks like it was a good day out.Would like to have gone to see scifimodels display table etc....
Not into military stuff though.

Anonymous said...

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