Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Star Wars Escape Pod - greys

Something i always find with grey craft is that, in most cases, Grey Primer just won't do as a basecoat - its far darker with too much blue in it than most studio models have.
And there's not an awful lot of range of greys in car spray paints.
So here i've done what i did with the Star Fury: dust White Primer over the Grey to lighten it up a tad.
In this top pic, its not too clear but over that i've put on a thin wash of black then a drybrush of a light grey to make the details pop a bit.
Then it was on with the Drak Grey panels where needed.
Then it was time to think all things dusty.
This Pod is a classic case of Rebel craft being down and dirty and rusty as hell, no more so than around the engine area and along the sides.
Looking at the photo a few posts below, it at first seems that those areas are in a contrasting tan tone to the rest of the ship.
Further studying, i don't think its the case - think its a heavy, HEAVY dusting of sand.
Which raises the question, where has the Tantive IV been before to get its Escape Pods in such a state and why not clean them before putting them back in service?
Or it could be this model shot is after filming, after its been burried to its neck in sand...
Anyway, after that, first step in the rusty process is to put on some brown pastel in the places indicated in Lorne Peterson's excellent Sculpting A Galaxy book:


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