Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bowerhouse Vol 5

Very VERY happy that, after a maddingly frustrating delay, the next issue is at the printers and will be on sale soon.
Inside you'll find articles on Supercar, Martins own SNOCAT and a what if? private commission of UFO's SID if the series was remade now.
Also, there's the start of a gallery section, featuring some of Martins early work, many of which have never seen print before and an ad for an upcoming feature that i'm very excited about, seeing as i thought of it.
Over a couple of issues, Martin will be making a craft, using readily available materials. The idea is that folk follow it, make thier own variation, and stand to win an original Martin Bower creation.
Exciting stuff indeed.
Linky is below - just scroll down and its on the left:


Joel said...

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Joel Houston

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I had the same spam message from this guy a few weeks back !!!