Saturday, 3 September 2011

Millenium Falcon - colour probs

A little while back i mentioned how the Star Wars craft often sport a distinct white/cream/grey shade that's quite difficult to replicate.
I seem to have stumbled on a good match for my Attack Shuttle, but didn't have much luck years back when i did this Falcon.
It was a nightmare to try and match, not helped by quite a colour variation when comparing the different versions of the studio models in my Art Of books.
This is what i came up with in the end and i'm still not happy with it. But at least the various panels and the weathering break it up quite a bit.
Incidently, this was a project i undertook to accurise the old MPC/Airfix kit.
I bought a side wall kit to replace the far too chunky originals,
an engine area kit, comprising decal and brass sheet detail:

a Gun Turret interior,
a top rear section detailing kit,
a cockpit decal set,
and a top of the ramp decal set.
Then set about lighting it.
Oh dear oh, dear - BIG mistake.
The landing lights were okay:

but the trouble was, i used superbright LED's and chose to backlight everything.
Meaning it washed out the cockpit:

and the turret:

Wished i'd not bothered.
Especially as Fine Molds had released their far, far more accurate version at the same time which, once i added up the price of all the extra bits for mine, would've worked out cheaper...

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