Thursday, 21 August 2008

What was i thinking?

I mean, really.

Didn't i have an inkling at all that this wasn't working?

Anyway, stripped all the gunk off, primed in grey then Skull White.

As things are a lot clearer now, thought i'd play "spot the kit".

Full length shot, from top moving down and left to right:

Not sure of the main body but have a feeling its the body of the Airfix "Starcruiser,

cockpit window i think is a stand for something,

gun - its dark green rubber, so likely a toy,

rear of the "X Wing,

next is an unidentified raised area, and on that...

... insert from the wing of "Darth Vaders TIE Fighter",

bit of a leg to the same kit,

turret from a 1/72nd "Scorpion Tank",

two "X Wing" weapon sections,

very small unknown part, "Vostock" hemisphere, unknown square slabs,

unknown part, foot of an "Eagle", unknown part,

unknown engine bells.

Side view, left to right:

the bit under the main engine bell is a door of the "Starcruiser",

unknown round part,

"Vostock" hemisphere,

unknown squares again,

"Vostock" hemisphere,

unknown part,

cut-down "Eagle" foot,

"Vostock" hemisphere,

unknown part,

and the bit on the underside at the front is the cockpit bottom from "Vaders" ship.

Can see where a lot of my kits went now.

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