Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My ping pong attempt.

So, know i can't compare with those two, so had to figure another way of going about it.

And this is what i did:

Came up with the idea of cutting the ball in half and have each be the "eyes" at the end of long body, with an engine at the end.

The only preparation i did was to work out and cut out a cardboard template for the two Plasticard hull sides and a little elongated house shape to hold them apart at the right angle. And to amass loads of kitbits that i thought might work - and snipped them off their sprues to save time.

Also to save time, i used superglue and accelerator so stuff was set straight away. Pressed the stopwatch, glued the hull havles together (held in place by masking tape on the top, which i never removed, figuring it'd be messy and time consuming), bunged in the house shape, the long tube and the engine bell. Then went round and round the underside, sticking things on then looking for something to sit next to it. Made a few mistakes but couldn't go back.When most of that was done, i left it and cut the ping pong ball in half and put a couple of greeblies on. Turned the ship over and put the eyes on. To be on the safe side, i allowed 5 minutes for them to set. While that was happening i put the greeblies on near the engine bell.

Last thing was put a bit of wire on for a fuel pipe running the length of the ship. Time was then 53 minutes so took it outside and primed in Halfords Grey Plastic Primer. Couple of scuffs in the paint as i couldn't wait for it to dry on one side before turning it over.

And that's it. Kinda happy with it. Looking forward to finishing the paintjob once i've submitted it to the contest.

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