Sunday, 24 August 2008

MAK Walker

Another day, another project started.

Looking round the Net a few folk have used the Star Wars Scout Walker as a basis for their own design.

Got one of them just sat there on the shelf gathering dust so thought i'd give it a go.

But what to use for the body?

Couldn't find anything here at home but had to change a bearing at work and this metal disc is what came out. It's a lovely, inticate bit of work and, once cleaned up, figured i could use it. And had it in mind to have it as the barrel of a whacking great walking gun.

So, here's the legs, a piece of B&Q pipe wrapped in Plasticard for the body, the bearing and a kitpart to attach it too.

Two concerns though.

The bearing is heavy. Heavier than anything else i'll be using. So there's a danger of (A) it being top heavy and not able to stand up, (B) the join between the bearing and the body giving way due to the weight and (C) ditto for the attachment of the legs and the body.

Addressing (B) first. Stuck the bearing to the kitpart with Araldite for a nice strong join. To attach it to the body, you can see here i've put a Plasticard disc into the body. I'm going to pack that area with P38 before attaching the kitpart/bearing. Also going to glue some nuts to the back of the kitpart so the P38 will have something on that flat area to grip onto.

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