Wednesday, 20 August 2008

MAK Sentry Post

"Dear God" i hear you cry, "not ANOTHER project????"

Yes indeed. While having a rummage though my bigbitsbox i came across this ball, which is a computer camera. Really like the detail on it, and it reminded me of Roboterkampf's excellent contribution to the ping pong build.

So, got to thinking what i could do with it and cam up with the idea of it being a robot sentry atop a pole, attached to a base.

Having another rummage got me a nice hemisphere just the right size for the base and this nicely detailed kit part (no idea where its from - came in the box from Martin Bower).

As you can see, i've started putting kitbits and panel lines on the base.

What you can't see is that i've only got one half of the pole, so the rear is faced with Plasticard. Not going to detail that as it'll only be seen from the front.

Next step: bung some P38 down the pole and squish the ball in.

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