Thursday, 14 August 2008


A bunch of folk from the SFMUK site came round Saturday for a natter, grub and drink.

Previous to that i'd been getting a hankering to have another go at a SF3D/Nitto/MAK/whatever kit, after enjoying converting the Lunar Prawn into my Starship Trooper.

Anyway, Alun had brought along a couple of MAK kits and that really got me fired up.

Had a trawl round the Net and i got even more so.

Right now there's a couple things on the way but i'm an impatiant so and so,

Had a look around to see what i could have a play with that's already here.

First pic has this charmer.

Its an Anime kit that i made years and years ago. Yup, its meant to be that shade of pink, but the tubing and rivet detail really hints at MAK to me. Size-wise, its 1/48th in its original form, but alongside the 1/20th Luna Prawn its not too far off.

Dusted him off, primed in grey, then basecoated in Tamiya JA Grey. And the second pic shows him with the first dirty wash applied.

While looking on the Net i really fell for the MAK that craft that're plain curved shapes for the most part, with incredibly detailed sections here and there. Like them so much i decided to have a go myself.

I've got lots of engine bells and suitably clunky parts in my bits box, but needed that curvy bit.

So, have a look around and this fella is sat on my bench right now.

I'd just bought it on eBay - its an Anime kit of a long spacecraft with 4 elegant wings sprouting out from it. Had in mind to convert it a bit and paint it in a Chris Foss style, and this is as far as i got - the front half of the main body.

Looking at the curves and the squatness of it, its screaming MAK to me, so this is the basis.

Planning on putting Saturn V engine bells at the rear of the side pods and the blank space at the rear of the main section a mass of clunky detail.

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