Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Chubby Ship - near done

Been a long, long time since i did anthing like a real world military paintjob, so had a blast doing this.

Over the primer went a light grey from Games Workshops new Foundation range (can't get up to my den right now to let you know the name - my 1 year-old is perched on my lap as i type).

These are great - quite "realistic" colours that dry almost matt and are strong enough for one coat to be enough, even the yellows.

Anyway, i've been checking out what folk do for their colour schemes and thought i'd go for a Luftwaffe type of thing. So, mottled the upper surfaces with the same paint mixed with a blueish grey then mixed some more with black, mottled, then again with neat base coat, then repeated. The aim was to try and get it really random.

It was suggested to me over on the MAK Forum that a colour band might be a nice idea and i was originally going to go with yellow, trying to hint at the ME109 that wass done that way, but once i'd put the white undercoat on i left it as is.

Next were a few decals and the point i'm now is just after pastelling and sealing.

Next step is the metallics, then rust and oil drips.

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