Thursday, 24 July 2008

Psydon Ship

Been thinking for a while now that'd be nice to try and recreate a studio scale model.

And a natural choice is one based on the works of Martin Bower, especially as he used so many identifiable kit parts, especially as his designs on Space 1999 are so nice.

Originally i was going to go for Dione's Escape Craft from "The Last Enemy" as i'd come across the two vac forms for the hull (which were castings from the underside beak of a Hawk).

As i say, that was the original intention.

But the vagueness of just what the original landing legs were made from, ditto some of the engine area, had me looking further afield.

Realised i MUCH prefered this design anyway, which is the alien ship from "Voyager's Return", and has the happy coincedence of using the self same Hawk pressings for the "eyes".

With the wonder of eBay, two of the three major parts are readily available:

The main body is two Triumph Herald rear light assemblies glued together (pictured here),

the tail area is a 60/70's Caddy Mattic Tea Dispenser (on its way from Australia as i type) with a yogurt pot on the end.

The Command Module that the eyes sit on will be a problem. Contrary to popular belief, Martin didn't use a cut-down 44" Eagle beak with the recesses filled in - rather a purpoise carved wooden shape. Dunno how i'm going to do that yet. Need to work out the scale of it before deciding which way to go.

After i've the three sections assembled, the rest is a matter of identifing and obtaining the needed kit parts.

Martin has been incredibly helpful in educating me and i'm pretty confident i can do it.

This will be the most ambitious project to date and i'm going to be posting regularly to ensure i don't wimp out and put it on the back burner.

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