Monday, 14 July 2008


Been back up in my mum's loft again this morning and came down with this - which i've no recollection of at all.

What was i thinking???????????????

I can see its the old Six Million Dollar Repair Station toy i had when i was younger. And i understand the logic of filling the gap where the window was with Plasticard. And some of the X Wing parts i bunged on look ok, ditto the Plasticard strips on the side.

But why start hand painting in grey and blue and yellow???????????

And why use kit bits that were patently ripped off of other kits, them being already painted????Dear oh dear...

Still, i do like the basic shape, and some of the details nice, so am thinking of stripping it down and doing something with it.

But what?

There's no other half to it in the attic so will have to do with this semi circle shape.

Was thinking of loads of piping on the underside which'd go up to the engine bell i'd stick on the end.

Big question is:What to do for the front? Obviously needs some sort of command module/bridge affair, but what shape?

A ball?

Would that work?

Any of you artistic folk have an idea?


Andrew Glazebrook said...

This actually looks very much like an engine off a Pod Racer, how old is this, maybe you can sue someone for design theft ? Maybe your Mam sold Lucasfilm the design and that's how she can afford a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to go down to the local Spar.

Mangamax said...

Heh, never thought of that!
Yeah there is a resemblance isn't there? Which means i've got to do more to try and get away from any resembalance.
Incidently, i guess from looking at the parts it must be about '83 or so that i did this - there's parts from more than one X Wing kit and some have been painted in non-X Wing colours, meaning i'd built the ship and some time later got bored with it and broke it up for kitbashing another ship, painted it, then got bored with THAT ship and broke it up for this one.
Quite a few layers of paint to get off then...