Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Martin Bower's magazine is on the launch pad

Bit of self pimpage here.
Pleased as punch that its finally happening, proud that it was my idea, and chuffed to bits with how its all panned out:

Guessing most of you know of Martin Bower?
The model making genius that's built some brilliant, beautiful, not to say downright iconic craft over the years, be it Space 1999, Alien, Blakes 7, Doctor Who, Outland, Flash Gordon, the list goes on and on.
As you'll see from the link below, this long in gestation project is almost here. Written totally by Martin - except for the Q&A questions you're invited to send in - this run of magazines will build into a collection of incredibly indepth articles, becoming the DEFINITVE works on the subjects, in many cases using never seen before photos.
A good example is the Battlecruiser used in Space 1999's "The Last Enemy" - most of the photos were uncovered by Martin during research by Martin, photos he himself hadn't seen for 30-odd years, photos taken from the negatives that he's had cleaned up from the negatives.
If you've ever felt cheated before that previous articles on Martin's work never went into enough details, then this is what youve been waiting for.
Issue 1 is on pre-order and ships soon, with issue 2 (Thunderbirds Sidewinder, 1999's Hawk and original design Moonbus) on the horizon:

"SFM:uk is proud to announce that the first issue of the Martin Bower penned Bowerhouse is now available through the SFM:uk website, featuring three indepth article written by model making hero Martin Bower.
Included are: -Battlecruiser, as eventually seen in the Space 1999 episode Alpha Child and The Last Enemy, -The Meteor from StarGuard, -Mars ATV.
Also included are the answers to the "Ask Martin" requests run on the SFM:uk website. The publication is priced at £7.50 plus postage (UK: £0.70, Europe: £1.34, USA/Australia: £2.17) We are now taking orders and copies will be dispatched on 11th August. Order yours at:


Best wishes SFM:uk"

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