Thursday, 31 July 2008

Psydon Ship - thoughts on how to go about it

Still amassing the parts for the build, but i've got to address how i'm going to to get all the main bits together.

Am taking Martin's cue on this. He always built a support pole into his 1999 models to attach them for filming. Thought i'd do the same thing as then i can make myself some sort of support arm that can slide into the pole and hold it there while i paint it.

It occured to me that the neck that you see in photo 1 (which was Saturn 1B parts on the original) can be in actual fact the pole itself, inserted into the command module then running back though the Herald light assembly, through the Caddy Matic and stopping just short of the yougurt pot on at the rear.

The next challenge will be how to deal with the Herald light top as seen in photo 2. Compare that to photo 1 and you'll see i've somehow got to fill that open "v" shape somehow.

The other challenge to address, aside form carving the CM basic shape, is the area between the Herlad and Caddy Matic you see in photo 3.

I hate compound curves...

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