Sunday, 20 July 2008


That's what it is now.

What i like about this whole converting/scratchbuilding lark is how it makes you consider things you don't really usually do.

Sitting looking at this rather pathetic attempt of mine, i had to decide which way to go. The bulkiness of it suggested some sort of freight carrier, so that was fine.

But, looking at it, it occurred to me to be careful. Its so bulky, with big chunky detail, that i haven't detracted away from with the equally chunky add ons.

So, decided everything i put on from now on must be FAR finer detail to take it back a bit.

You can see here that i've removed a lot of the detail i put on back in the 80's and am starting to apply panel lines, tubing and small kit parts.

Where i'm keeping clunky is the underside, which i see as being the business area of things.

The last pic is what will be the Command Module - its actually an electronic dice.

I'm not just sticking it on though, want to have a connecting tube affair so the CM can detach like the 1999 Eagle's and Ultra Probe.

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