Saturday, 12 July 2008

Alien Derelict - final paint choice

Ok, bit of progress now the rains stopped. I'd decided to ditch the Foss-style paintjob and go with something more in keeping with the original.

Since last posting i've found out one of the mettalics is "Caribic Blue", which has a nice greeny tinge to it, so went out and got one.Before spraying though, i put a few go-fasta stripes on the ship (they're the black and white lines you see here).

Figuring when i'd sprayed the ship i'd remove them to show the basic blue.

Thing is, the mettalic spray has tinted those strips and made a nice subtle effect, so i may keep them in place.

Incidently, these two pics illustrate some of the comments above, in how differrent lighting can have such a effect on how a model looks.

So, its been a bit of a waste getting that matt blue. But, thinking now i'm going to be on the lookout for and unusual shape to turn it into an outlandish Foss/Ellson type craft sporting that blue with yellow stripes.

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