Monday, 27 April 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - metals

Going through the metallics with the Blitzspear:
Pic (1) - basecoated in Games Workshops Gun Metal
Pic (2) - heavy wash with their Nuln Oil
Pic (3) - drybrushed with the Gun metal, then some silver over that. Going to wait and see how things look when the weatherings done before deciding if it needs more.
Oh, and i've also picked out the "eyes" and canopy in brown ready for the gold and bronze i'll be using on them - have found you get a much better finish with a brown undercoat


Jessica Pink said...

loving it =)
Reminds me in shape of the head of Nemesis the warlock

Jessica Pink said...

a friend has just told me why the resemblance is there.
from ignorance to educated in the space of one image share.
I really need to read the stories.