Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Biog Living Spaceship - mushroom

Next part i'm going to turn to on the Biog Living Spaceship is the "mushroom" up top.
When looking at it in B&W, it seems a simple mushroom shape with a clear dome over it, and i'd already started looking round the shops for a suitable lid or somesuch for it.
Pic (1) But it wasn't until i looked closer at this colour spread that i realised it wasn't light bouncing off a dome, but that Massimo had actually drawn tendrils coming off the top of it.
Pic (2) So i set about making the mushroom. And, yet again, i find that something that at first to be a simple design Mr Belardinelli had done, wasn't. In this case, the "stalk" is much thinner than it should be, and there's a strange "nipple" shape up top that the tendrils come out of (HR Giger, eat your heart out). So i knew at this stage i'd have to shave a good amount of the stalk off, and flatten the top ready for the nipple (there's a phrase i've never typed before).
Pic (3). And here we have the stalk slimmed down, with Magic Sculp detail added, the nipple put on and tendrils laid on. Something i wanted to copy was the odd "teardrop" things that hang neatly from the rim. Though i made a template for the things, alas Magic Sculp doesn't like being formed in a uniform way and instead i've gone with what you see here. Not accurate i know, but at least they look alien and gnarly (i keep telling myself).

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