Thursday, 23 April 2015

70mm Mean Machine - priming

I can crack right on with Mean as, just like before, clean-up is a bare minimum on these lovely cast pieces - just a wee bit of flashing and that's it.
You can see i've kept the claws for his artificial arm on their for the washing in soapy water - no way would they be found again after a soaking.
Detail is stunning as usual - just llok at that face and detail on the mechanical parts!
Assembly was a doodle, just snip the claws off, superglue them into the perfect fit recesses and, just like Dredd and Fear, i'm only Blu Tacing the rest for the priming stage as i can remove them for ease of painting and then i'll glue them at the very end.
The last photo of the totally armless fella really shows how Dark World Creations have nailed the fella, with the huge wide shoulders and chest on the regular sized legs.

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