Friday, 24 April 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - leaping forward

Pic (1) Right, the Blitzspear is done and has gone through the Grey Primer/White Primer/Yellow basecoat stages.
Thoughts turn now to the what to do next. It obviously has wasp-like black stripes, but what about the rest of it?
Pic (2) Being a B&W strip, colour reference pics are hard to come by but, luckily, that stunning tale that Chris Weston did came to the rescue, with some brilliant reference shots.
And this is becoming my bible for the rest of the project - gunmetal where Chris put it, gold for the "eyes" and a goldy/brassy shade for the canopy.
Oh, no black stripes on the rear section though - i hadn't cut in guide panel lines like i did for the fore section as i was using Kevin O'Neils version for the build, and his doesn't have them.
Pic (3) And here's where i am at today - black stripes on and gunmetal to go on next.

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