Monday, 6 April 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - getting to the point

So here i am mocking up the Blitzspears underside blade thing from multiple layers of Plasticard.
Pretty happy with it, i turn to the Nemesis collections to check on the detail needed for it.
And that's when i realised - out of three whackingly great thick graphic novels, this detail only appears in about three places, the rest just doesn't have it, making the Blitzspears profile much more sleeker, very much like the Nautilus in "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea."
Prefering that, and the fact that without it i can dispaly it grounded as well as in flight, i've made up my mind not to carry on with this part.
So attention turns to the upper weapon instead, and the head scratching begins anew - just with Kevin O'Neil alone, the appearance of this thing changes quite a bit - sometimes it resembles a blade, sometimes a spike, sometimes a blaster.
Figuring, with that range, i can go my own way here i am with it today.
The upper part has the curved shapes sandwiching and inner core, with stick jewls for some blobby detail.
The lower section comprises a stand affair again made from Plasticard which you can see again i've started the detail process with that plastic mesh.
Once i've detailed both halves, i'll be combining then attaching, then it'll be nearly paint time.

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