Monday, 23 February 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - engines

Thought i'd have a go at the engines first.
The trouble i'm going to have with finishing the craft off is Kevin O'Neil.
He's SO blummin' good at putting in tiny, intricate detail, and the engine area is no exception:

The detail is so fine that my usual method of adding by using kitbits just won't work here - even if i used just only 1/44th scale or smaller parts and applied them by tweezers, they'd still be too darn big.
So what i've decided to do is score a sheet of Plarticard lightly with vertical and horizontal lines, flip the card over, then cut out the shapes i need. Once flipped back over, i've got my detail.
Seems to have worked here on this section, so think i'll continue.


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