Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dead T-Rex

Another long-forgotten project i've just stumbled across.
When out together, this is a T-Rex's head and neck. "Why would you make that?" i don't here you ask.
Well, he's part of quite a big diorama i'd made years back and the start of it was a 1/8th scale Predator that i'd built. I want a way to display him and didn't want a plain base, nor any recreation from the first or second film (there were only two, right?)
But then i got to thinking about how the Pred's come to Earth only to fight the biggest, baddest opponents and how, in the second film (there were only two, right?) its established they've been coming here for a LONG time.
Well then, what if they've been coming here for a LONG, LONG, LONG time?
Who'd be about the baddest they could go up against?
Pretty quick the answer came back - T-Rex.
Okay, liked that idea, but how do you display my Predator with such a massive beastie?
The answer came in his pose - he's doing that victory roar thing towards the end of the first film (there were only two, right?).
So, why not having him doing that over the corpse of the T-Rex?
And why not just make the head and neck and disguise the end of the neck by having foilage covering it up - if i took a photo of that, the rest of him could just be out of shot.
And that's what i went with.
You can see here in his fallen apart state that i'd sculpted his skin over a former. A remember that's simply Bubblwrapmade into a rough shape, with Masking Tape used to refine the shape and hold it all together.
The neck i did seperately, hence it fallen off during these long years of storage.
You can also see that he's blinded - the only way i figure the Pred could take him out.
And there's the slash marks across his neck to finish him off.
Still quite happy with him, and i've still got the Predator somewhere, so may just combine the two, repair the Rex and remake a setting for them.

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