Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - starting the details

Pic 1: So, i was kind of resigned to using the scored Plasticard to detail the "eye" area.
Pic 2: But then, when looking for tiny bits in my bits box to put over them in places, i stumbled across this plastic mesh, which i think was for a filter or somesuch that i used on another project.
Pic 3: Its got much more of a tiny grid pattern than i could come up with, so cut an over-sized piece and glued it in place with thin Superglue.
Pic 4: Then it was a simple matter of just trimming it to size. Quite pleased with how it went, so i'll carry on. Oh, and the green sticky gem i've just stuck there for the momement to see if it'll work as the rounded detail that's in that area. Think its a tad too rounded.

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