Monday, 2 February 2015

Big Dredd - flesh

Pic 1: I always use Games Workshops "Screaming Skull" (a now defunct paint, alas) for my skin tones as it dries to a nice realistic colour with just the right sheen. Unfortunately, its pretty translucent, meaning if you paint it over grey primer you end up with a decidely ill appearance. To get round that i put down a layer of white first, as here - along with some over the visor area.
Pic 2: Flesh has been washed and highlighted, mouth detailed and i've roughly penciled in the lightning flash things. Blummin' 'eck, it all came back to me when i've done past Judge helmets - they look quite simple in the comic, but figuring them and getting them right is darn tricky. Well, to me anyway.
Pic 3: Here i've finished them, put the rd trim on, and the badge thing up top. To again illustrate that there's no WAY he's 1/6th, here he is alongside my severed Anderson head. Even if he's a Karl Richardson bruiser of a Judge, he's still far too massive.

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