Friday, 20 February 2015

Seth the Blitzspear

If you're a fan of 2000AD, then you'll recognise Seth, his trusty Blitspear craft - a classic design by Kevin O'Neil, it appeared long before Nemesis did as, in the earliest episodes, he wasn't actually ever going to appear.
When he did, Kevin cleverly copied the Blitzspears shape for Nemesis' face.
Anyway, classic design and one i've long had a hankering for.
And now i have one!

The reason its here suddenly on this Site and in this advanced stage already is a bit of a tale.
A good few years back, at least five i reckon, a guy named Phil posted up photos of a Blitzspear he'd made on a modelling forum. Very much taken with what a fantastic job he'd made of it, i got in touch to ask about some tips on how he went about it as i'd like to make one myself.
Phil was more than gracious, to the extent of saying he'd started a second one, and would i like him to build it for me?
That was a great offer and i took him up on it, but i didn't want a fully finished piece as there'd be no challenge for me, so i asked him if he could please just make the basic shape and i'd take it from there?
He was ok with that, and that's how it was left.
And left.
And left.
For one reason or another, we lost contact and, to be honest, i'd forgotten all about it. Until last Autumn when Phil got back in touch to say that he was emigrating to the States, he was packing things up, came across the Blitzspear and did i still want it?
Of course i did!
I couldn't make a Con he was going to so he left it with a mutual friend who was going to post it on to me.
That was in September, which was a very busy time, then Christmas came and went and again, i forgot about it.
Until last week, when i was sorting out my graphic novels and came across my Nemesis one's.
Lightbulb popped back on, got in touch with my friend, who posted it to me, and he arrived yesterday.
Phew, quite an epic.
But, he's here now so lets take a look.
As you can see up top, Phil's done a fantastic job with the shape of the craft, he's also accurately depicted the mouth/grill:

The underside is pretty blank, but that's okay as, from looking at this area in the strip, its basically panel lines only:

The "eye" areas will need some work, with filling in some holes and smoothing things out. Phil's cleverly used halves of either a fule tank or bomb from an aircraft kit for the "eyes" but they look a tad small. I've got to decide whether to replace these or not before detailing this area, the area with the most kit parts i'll be using:

The engine area is blank at the moment and, looking at reference pics, looks like it'll be easy to do - just lengths of Plasticard to make a ribbed affair:

And then i've got to finish off the fuselage - the arrow-like prow, the tail at back, the "horns" above the "eyes", the canopy etc:

Can't wait to get started!

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