Saturday, 1 March 2014

Steampunk Walker now an Ork Walker

There's been no progress on this build as i was after a WW1 pilot in 1/32nd to man the thing - but that's proved to be a tricky job if i don't want to spend much money.
So have changed tack and make him an Ork Walker from the Warhammer 40K universe as (A) i knew i could get a driver figure no probs, (B) i can make it nice and clunky, (C) thought i'd have more chance of selling it on.
So, here we go with the cockpit area.
Figuring i'd have more chance of selling if i left it in grey primer so a buyer can paint it however they like i',m this area as is.
Its also been tricky detailing this area as i made the pilot removable for ease of painting (him, his seat, and rear of seat are glued together but only Blu Tac'd in place) but that's meant the detail has been kept away from him too much for him to come out.

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