Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ghazghkull Thraka

Even though i'm busy on the big Knight, i had a hankering for a small figure so i got this charming chap, even though he's not exactly small compared to a regular human or even Ork, with that huge body suit.
Take him out of the box and, yup, its the usual Games Workshop thing:
It being Finecast resin, there's tons of unnecessary pouring lugs,
the overly painted one on the box totally disguises the excellent detail:

There's tons of it, and i really like the beautifully realised ripped cables exposing the smaller cables inside - just like the real thing.
Anyway, flashing was a minimum and sticking things together was pretty much instant (a nice surprise to usual - must keep with this brand of superglue) and the whole thing was assembled and ready for primer in less than 15 mins.
I've kept the head off for ease of painting and the lower jaw to the suit is just Blu Tac'd in at the moment, as i'm umming and ahhing as whether to use it or not:

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