Thursday, 13 March 2014

Jagaroth Spaceship

There's been some great spacecraft designs on Doctor Who, great one's and okay one's and downright duff one's.
My favourite as always been Scaroth's craft from "City Of Death" - a truly memorable (maybe even iconic?) deisgn in arguably possibly the shows best ever effects sequence.
Thanks to the latest issue of Drone, i was put onto the fact that Larson designs now do one, and it gets a good Out Of The Box review by Stuart McCarthy.
Even better news is that it was not only available from the site, but they had an eBay shop too - which sped thing things up nicely.
Anyway, it arrived today and i'm very impressed - much bigger than i thought it'd be, the same sort of resin as previous kits i've had from them were in, details nice and there's quite a bit of assembly to be done.
Not too clear here is that there's a couple of clear pieces to the kit - one for a dome up top and one for the angular window affair Scaroth of Jagoroth sits inside. Not looking forward to doing the window bars on that.
Not going to start this until my Imperial Knight is done, but may have a play around to see if scratchbuilding an interior might be an option.

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