Monday, 10 March 2014

Imperial Knight - main parts done

Here we are with the main body parts done. I've departed from my usual gunmetal/black wash/drybrush gunmetal route for the metallics and instead went with Games Workshops suggested way on their excellent Youtube tutorial on the Big Guy.
Sure it meant buying three additional paints to what i had, but the end result was sure worth it - and much better than this photo suggests.
Colour-wise, even though the paintjobs in White Dwarf are brilliantly done, and i get what they're doing with suggesting medieval knights heraldry, the colours they use are just SO bright with the blues and reds they look like Transformers to me.
Luckily, there's the option of building a "Freeblade" - a mercenary Knight who owes allegiance to no particular hose, meaning its up to the builder to choose colours and heraldic symbols.
So i'm going with greens and yellows and using Vallejo paints as they give a much more real word colour shades and here i've added a couple of panels.
Again, the lights so bright today that they're appearing much brighter than they actually are:

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