Saturday, 8 March 2014

Imperial Titan

Just got this fella and had to have him as i loved playing the Epic (read tiny) Adeptus Titanicus way back when, with all those nifty Titan walking machines.
Now Games Workshop have ressurected the Imperial Knight for its regular scale armies and what a great job they've done - inside the whcking great back there's 147 parts and a very comprehnsive decal sheets to enable you to paint and decorate your Titan in the livery of a whole bunch of Houses.
Its a one-man Titan, so quite small compared to the Big Boys, so it stands about 7 inches tall but is VERY wide.
Really keen to get started on this and i'm looking to lighting it - not only its eyes, but some under armour lights too.

Here we are then with the legs and hips all done - looking really good, and could almost be a figure by itself:

Next up was to start on the upper body and straight away i had a let-down. The plan was to drill out the eyes here and put in LED's, along with LED lighting under the shoulder pads for downwards lighting effects.
But, while i do have a drill small enough to drill out the eyes, there's just no space at all inside the head to take the prongs of each LED. And, if i'm not lighting the head, there's no point in doing the rest of it:

And i was also going to drill out this upper hatch window, put in some clear plastic and have a light come out of that too. Oh well.

Anyway, here we are with the top just plopped onto the bottom ready for priming. I'll take them off after that for ease of painting, ditto the upper section:

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