Thursday, 22 November 2012

Updated Jeff Wayne's War Of The World's

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Remember when the Star Wars prequels were announced and you go "Hope, they're good - if they're not, then they'll spoil memories of the originals". Then you get to see it. And what you get is a pale rehash of what's gone before, clumsily handled, with all the charm siphoned off, with flashy CGI effects that aren't a patch on what's been seen already. A hollow, waste of time. With Liam Neeson. "Groundhog Day!"


Monty said...

Oh no! I suspected this may be the case...I've been a big fan of the original since its release and have seen the show at the O2 etc, etc and can't understand why they thought this version was necessary. If they wanted to update anything IMHO it would be the accompanying CGI film; but the music? Certainly not.

Mangamax said...

Monty, you're SO right - i saw it on its second ever public show in its first year in Bournemouth, then next outing in Brighton and both worked brilliantly.
When the music is top notch, the narration is top notch, and the design work is top notch, what else is there to tweak but the animation?

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