Saturday, 24 November 2012

Starting a new ship

Having a rummage through a bits box, i came across this:
Which goes way to 2008 when i'd signed up to a build challenge of scratchbuilding something that incorperates a spoon somehow. Eventually, i came up with the below craft, using two ladles from Wilkensions for the boom arms:
But the piece up top was before i'd settled on the ladles and was my first idea - get a large plastic slotted spoon, cut the handle off, fill the inside of the slots with Ribbed Plasticard, and seal the bottom with plain Plasticard and have it as cockpit for a fighter. But, as i say, i changed tack and it was consigned to the box. Until now. Thought i'd do something with it and another trawl around for a suitable shape for the body and came up with this:
Another abandoned years ago project which you can see is just a tube with a couple of WW2 Bomber wings laid down horizontally each side. I'd also added a vertical wing as a tail but i've removed that yonks ago to use elsewhere and you can still the stump of it on the tube. So this is roughly how the parts will join:
And here you can see the underside and what i need do - add to the existing Porsche shape, Baco Bricks, SRN4 parts and Airfix Refueling shape to add more detail. And come up with something for the engine:

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