Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nurgle Titan head

With redundancy looming and no prospect of a new job to be seen just yet, i've been looking at my Mr E Models venture to potentially bolster my income. I've already decided the Ork Weirdboy Tower Battlewagon and the Stuka Nurgle Fighter are two such projects and i'll be finishing them to primer stage before putting them up for sale. I want to do more - but what? It'd occured to me that gaming terrian might be a way to go - offer folk somethings that's not really available. On holiday last week, i was reading the Titanicus novel by Dan Abnett and got all fired up on all things Titan. Coming back on the Eurostar was kind of dull and i got to thinking: what if i did aruined Titan for a piece of terrian? Obviously not a full-size one in 28mm scale as that becomes a model rather than a piece of terrian. What then? I first thought of maybe a leg of two, blasted apart and standing, just foot and ankle, on the table. But then i remembered the bit in the box where a Titan cockpit actually ejects. Hey, that's an idea - how about a Titan cockpit, ejected and crashed, maybe as an objective or just a bit of scenery? And, if i make it Nurgle, i can have alot of fun with it. Almost straight away on the train, i knew what i'd use for the donor main body - deep in a bits box i had a toy submarine that i'd picked up at a Boot fair yonks ago, liking its curvy shape. Once home, it was up to the attic and down it came:
This is what i found. You can see i'd already in the past i'd attached kit parts to scratchbuild it into something else before giving up. What i'd totally forgotten about was the really rather naff divers googles to the very front of it. I'd initially thought of disguising it with a bunch of weaponry etc but, now i was going the Nurgle route, the easiest way was to bung a bio-mass in there to cover it up, plus a bead for an eye:
After that, i added some side of the head guns, courtesy of the same ARC-170 model i'd nicked the canopy off of for the Nurgle Fighter:
I then went round adding kitbits. Not too many as i knew i was going to be poxing it up. I then had to address the rear of the cockpit, which was pretty blank. I'd had it in mind that the head had been blown off rather than ejecting and would be a mass of couplings and conduits. That was accomplished by and old bearing i had for the main bit, plus various cables i had laying around and kitbits outside the bearing:
Here you can see i've added more bio-mass. You can also see i've painted the cockpit window black from the inside - it did occur to me to build a detailed interior, but this is meant to be a set decoration so i've kept it simple. Next up, more bio-mass, then poxy bits and then done.


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