Friday, 16 November 2012

Nurgle Plague Bearer fridge magnet

Wanna buy a fridge magnet?
Strange sort of journey this - i was thinking about what else i could make to sell, and it dawned on me that no-one makes GW busts anymore. So thought i'd have a go, and decided to plump for a Plague Bearer, figuring its hideous details could be kind to any mistakes i make. So i plomp some air-drying clay down, start moving it around while still on the mat - and it occurs to me that the flatness of the rear of it is sort of like a fridge magnet. Hey, why not do a fridge magnet? Never, ever seen one done from this universe before. So, mind made up, off i went. Sculpting away, i had it in mind to use an opaque hemisphere, half of a ball that toys come out of a disepnser in, for the eye. First plan was to paint it as a regular eye but, when in, the clearness of it combined with the white inside refracting round it, looked kind of neat, so decided to keep it as is, for some sort of etherial, blind look to him
At this point in the build, you can see i've attached the seperate horn and blended it with Green Stuuf, put in the teeth, again with Green Stuff, and started to paint the interior of the mouth, for ease of access. This shot:
Shows the skin well underway and the mouth done. Something kept bothering about that mouth but couldn't decide what. Then i realised - it was too "normal" compared to the rest. So, while poxing him up, i gave that areas loads of icky colours to tone it down:
So there you have it, a guardian for your fridge - as long as he doesn't put you off your food. eBay link:


Stygianheart said...

That fridge magnet is just pure awesome...

I may have to give some a go myself to scare the kids.

A friend sent me a link to it moments ago and I loved the look of your blog in general so I've signed up.

Scarecrow Musings said...

this is bloody amazing...

Mangamax said...

Why, thanks very much!
Expect more Nurgly nastiness soon!