Monday, 26 November 2012

Collapsed Crab

Longterm Followers of this here Blog may remember this kit i made years back, a mechanical crab in 1/48th scale, not a M.a.K design, but sure could be from that universe. Anyway, he and his base and his lil' friends have been stuck at the back of a cabinet since finishing and, at the weekend, thought i'd have a sort out and a dust. Pulled him out - and this is what i found. Think what's happened its that a glued the two-part legs together with Araldite and then joined them to the body with the same stuff. Which would be fine normally. But think, over time, the weight of the body has put a constant strain on the joints and some have given way. This is what's revealed once i've lifted off the parts and given them a dusting:
Thinking what i should've done back then - and will do now - is pin each part before adding the glue.


Alun said...

Oddly mine is in exactly the same condition. Also didn't pin the legs!

Mangamax said...

8) Glad its not me then!