Saturday, 1 September 2012


Aside from Nurgle, the only other aspect of Games Workshops' universe that i like that they've created is another Chaos aspect - Slaanesh. Its the total opposite of Nurgle as, where Nurgle is all disease and pestilance and decay, Slaanesh is beautiful and seductive - but just as deadily. Its that disturbingly attractive aspect that holds the appeal, no better summed up in some of the stunning artwork produced:
You may recall i built the Keeper Of Secrets Slaanesh demon a while back but i also, yonks back, built a few of the white metal Daemonettes - the "foot soldiers" for that army:
I've had it in mind to build up some more of these ladies, but the metal figures are out of production and now are only made as a 10-squad all plastic box set, with all new tooling and designs for them. That's fine though - as i've said before, Chaos is chaotic and therefore there such be a huge variety and nothing should look the same. So, plan is to build up a bunch of them, using that box set, some of the VERY different earliest incarnations via the 'Bay, and also some not canon but definetly suitable figures from other companies. Which i've just got three of:
They're lovely sculpts, with far more dynamic poses and far more revaling than the kiddie-friendly Games Workshop could put out. I think they're going to fit in okay, maybe a bit big, but that could be down to them having far more armour on:
So, i'll be doing them with a similar sort of paintscheme to hopefully tie them all together.

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