Friday, 7 September 2012

New Chaos Spawn

Some of you might remember a while back i made a bunch of these Nurgly beasts, a nasty combination of flesh and metal:
Was having a rummage through my bits box and found two pingpong balls that i had left over. "Hmmmm" thinks i, "wouldn't mind having another go at these. So i did.
With those first one's i'd used Plaster Of Paris to fill them up and give the additional parts something to glue to, but i was out of the stuff. So i used Das Pronto instead, shoving a ball of the stuff into a ball that i'd sliced the top off. Once set, i gouged out holes in the ball for where i wanted the eye to go, along with smaller holes of the tentacles i wanted bursting out the confines of its metal shell. Then i just glued in a couple of spare Tyranid claws on the underside for legs, an arm and two tentacles from my Chaos sprue for appendages, then Green Stuff tendriles hanging amongst them. Into the eye hole went a blob of Green Stuff, a bead bunged into that for the eye and the Green Stuff wrapped round it and pulled down for more tendrils. Then more Chaos sprue bits for the smaller holes, then i've added self-adhesive jewels for bumpy detail. Next up, priming and on to the fun of the paintjob.

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