Friday, 31 August 2012

Spielberg Tripod - thank gawd that's done

Here its as assmebled and painted - and not a moment too soon. This build has been incredibly frustrating - awful part fit, glue not sticking and a bunch of other gripes that i won't go in to as i don't want to wind meself up. So, its built and apinted then. The instructions would have it that its a dark grey, but one look at the DVD and its clearly metallic. Whether that's one of the few instances in the film that's true to Wells' book or not i duuno, but i was happy to go that way. I used "Moonland Sand" spray paint for the basecoat, as i've had it laying around since i did my Blade Runner blaster years back. On top of that i've drybrushed gunmetal and silver very sparingly. As i say, kinda fed up with the build - and i've still the base to do. Hearts not in that at all.

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