Saturday, 22 September 2012

Epic Space Marine

Before our son expressed an interest in playing Warhammer, he was already aware of the Games Workshop universe through the copies of Space Hulk and Talisman that i've kept since the 80's. One game i think i gave away and always regretted was Epic Space Marine - the same 40K universe but with human figures being only 6mm tall. This is to allow for wars to take place between whacking great walking machines (similar i guess to the Star Wars AT-AT's, but two legged), vast amomunts of troops and loads of vehicles. As i say, always regretted getting rid of it and i every so often look on the 'Bay to maybe buy it again. But the boxed starter game always goes for big bucks. Except last week, when one was going for a really resonable amount. And never went up at the end - so i won it. Very happy with that then. Its come and, along with the game, there's a whole bunch of figures - Space Marines (human), Orks (space orcs) and Eldar (space elves), all packaged in chinese takeawat cartons:
The person i bought it from has luckily saved me a heck of a lot of wotk, having painted an awful lot of the teeny tiny figures (think doing these back then contributed to me now wearing glasses):
He's also partially painted the Titan, and made a pretty good job of it too:
So here's the first bunch of vehicles ready to be primed then painted:
What i really need though to make the game better are a bunch of the supllementary Titans and other nifty craft. You'll be seeing them here as and when funds allow - they too are pricey now.

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