Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Zombie Dragon - back again.

Some of you may remember that back at Christmas (!) i started on the GW Zombie Dragon, turning him into a Nurgle beastie. I've very unfairly been ignoring him since i got to the detail stage, but figure i really should get him done. Right from the off, i thought the base for him far too big and figured it'd be nice to have a keeper for him on there and i initally had in mind someone like the Rancor keepr in "Return Of The Jedi". So a few days ago i had a trawl round the 'Bay and also on the Collectors section of Games Workshop to look for something similar. That turned up zilch, but i did find this fella:
Yeah, he's a Slaanesh Champion from yonks back but (A) i love that cowl, (B) he's pointing, so could be siccing the Dragon on to someone, (C) i could remove the flail and replace it with a length of chain from his wrist up to the dragons neck. Mind made up, the scene is the keeper pointing out the dragons next victim and just about to let him fly. This is what i have in mind:

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