Sunday, 26 August 2012

Plump Ship

Okay, filled in the front hole and so time for a recap. So, left to right, which is rear to front, we have: some nozzles from who knows where, they're joined to a Bionicles lid, which is attached to the main shape, which is a salad bowl thingy, into the top hole i've stuck a tupperware pot, which fitted just right, and on to that, a clear hempisphere. Over it all is a bunch of kit bits, Plasticard, Go-Fasta stripes and sticky jewels. The silver sticky jewels at the very front i was going to remove after painting, figuring the now bare clear plastic could be cockpit windows. But, with a coat of primer on i quite like as is - a sort of studded detail. So that's where i am at the moment. Been mulling over colours for it. Was going for red but thought it might look like a nod to Red Dwarf, so instead i'm going orange with yellow striping - again to envoke the 70's look. Certainly not green - looking straight down at it from above, the chubbiness and back to front wings make it an awful lot like Thunderbird 2.

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