Saturday, 11 August 2012

Plague Bearers

Two things that are great about turning 50: A fantastic holiday, and folk being VERY generous with money gifts. I'm getting through the dosh quite quickly right now, but the only model-related things i've spent it on is is the WOTW Tripod and, as of yesterday, i've ordered the whacking great Great Unclean One form Forge World:
I'm really out of practice with painting all things Nurglly so, thought i'd pick up the new Plague Bearers plastic set to get me into the swing of things:
Open the box up and, wow:
Two sprues of lovely crisp detailed parts. They're pretty much interchangeable, so that'll be fun to do. Also, i'll be painting each with its own colour scheme - partly because i can't stand seeing whole regiments of such types all with exactly the same skin tones when they're pox ridden, diseased zombies and therefore should each be rotting individually. Also, the one i like best i'll duplicate on the Great Unclean One.

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