Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Zombie Dragon

Well now, hope you're all well and enjoying the festivities.
We are, though its incredibly hectic here.
Still finding time though to start on one of my presents.
Its a beastie from GW's Vampire army and i'd seen this top pic of it but dismissed it straight away.
But then i was walking past one of their shops a while back and there was one of the fellas in the window, built and just in primer.
It was jaw-droppingly awesome and, after popping in to check that they're not really selling Forge World now are they, that i realised that, oh dear once again, the company are doing themselves no favours at all with their box illustrations.
Look at any pic on the box and you see a cutesy monster with bright white bones peeking through all too clearly defined wounds.
Take a look at the sprues though and you've got a nightmare creature, easily able to fit into a Resident Evil world or whatnot.
Had to have one, so he went straight on to Santa's list.
As i say, i was well impressed by the amount of detail and the casting for an IP kit and was even more so when i reached this stage:

after sticking just three pieces together. The multi-layered, fine detail is amazing and, incredibly, most of this will be covered up by the next stage of putting the rib cage on.
I've just done that and it was truely a nightmare monster as it was chuffin' nightmare to get the two halves to line up and stick where they're meant to...

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