Saturday, 31 December 2011

Zombie Dragon - making changes

Okay, as i say, i much prefer the bat head over the dragon skull option. Again, a lovely bit of casting and its made up of a central tongue/neck piece, with the two halves of the head attached each side, and the top of the head plopped on:

Looking at the instructions, it became apparent that i'd need to make a couple of changes to get the fella the way i'd want him.
Change 1.
The bat head option has the beastie's body quite low to the ground with him looking up, maybe about to roar. Nice, and kinda reminiscent of what the T Rex did when you first see him in "Jurrasic Park", but with the body that low you'd not see much in the way of rib detail. So i decided to follow the instructions for the much more upright Dragon option, and i'd put the bat head on to that.
Change 2.
Both options have the wings folded up against the body, which again obscures the rib detail, along with all the luvverly detail on the legs as well. I found that, by swapping the wings over and turning them upside-down, i could put them into a much better pose, which allows all the detail to be seen.
It also hides the shocking bad alignment of the spine pieces that were part of the hideous rib cage stage.

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