Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Blade Runner Spinner - on to the cockpit

The cockpit is lovely and detailed, despite having only a few pieces to put in there.
Here it is in White Primer:

It was a bit of a head scratcher for the colour of the interior as the instructions would have it that its "Neutral Gray", which i took to be a mid to light grey. But looking at the Blu Ray, and this shot here:

it appears to be a dark gray or even gun metal.
Once the primer was dry, i prised out the dashboard, which i'd just plopped in there, as i want to paint it seperatly:

Again, there's a conflict in that the sheet says same colour as the rest of it, but some studio model shots have it the same blue as the outside. Hmmm...
While talking about the dashboard, you can see from this shot that a pilot is out of the question - there's barely any space between the bottom of the dashboard and the seat and, even if there was more, the footwell is pretty much non-existant. Which means, if i do have one in there, i'd have to cut his legs off and just have a torso sat there...
Or i could put in a passenger i suppose - but who does a car with a passenger and no pilot?

Anyway, i prised out the dashboard and seats for seperate painting and put on a coat of GW "Adeptus Battle Grey" from their excellent "Foundation" range, which i thought was a nice match. You can see i've left an odd shape still in the White Primer, which i'll be painting White. Gawd knows what it is or why its painted like that, but that's how it is on the models used:

Lastly, thought you might like to take a look at this clip, which shows off a lot of the interior, at the same time as giving you out-takes not very often seen/heard: