Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blade Runner Spinner - starting

Right, i've decided to go as far as i can with the build before stopping at the point where i could possibly add lighting to it.
We start with the underside and you can see i've only done the left side here before taking the pic to show you how involved the build is.
There's a bunch of small boxes that had to be glued on top and bottom and, next to each, another shape that will hold the underside lights.
That's made my mind up there: no lights for below - they're tiny lenses and it'd be a right pain to get the wiring down there and not have them visible in the cockpit.
You can also see i've put in the floor window, which was a surprise as i didn't know they had them.
And i've just pushed the wheel on for now. Will remove it for filling and seperate painting. What's a surprise there is that they've no tread detail at all.

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