Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blade Runner Spinner - interior finished

Had a bit of luck when i was having a rummage though the paint draw looking for something suitable for Boba Fett's boots on my Bounty Hunter project, and stumbled across a tube of "Neutral Gray" that i'd totally forgotten i had.
That worked fine for the boots but it really wouldn't have worked for the cockpit here as its far, far too light.
But thought i'd use it to highlight the details with it using drybrushing. Which i did:

Here we have the dashboard just prior to putting in. You can see there's a real nice decal for the display, but what i'm surprised about and bit let down by is that the "paddle" controls so clearly seen in the film are nothing but a flat plate here. I've painted where the recesses for the hands should go black to try and hide it, but its still a rather lazy oversight:

And here's the side of the dashboard. The instructions would have it that you paint the two raised lines yellow, which i did, as its clear from the film that they're actually yellow neon. Why a police car would have that in there isn't clear, but it looks great in the film so what the hey:

What is another surprise is that the instructions correctly tell you to replicate the yellow neon there - but fail to mention that you have to pick out a similar raised line for the blue neon in the very centre raised section.
So i did that, which you can see here in the finished cockpit, with lights picked out - including the rather bizarre but great looking blue lights imbedded in the rear wall:

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