Friday, 12 August 2011

The Virago - built

You can see here the mass of interesting shapes you get with this and how usefull they can be on their own just as spares.

Second pic are the subassemblies coming together. Its a real simple build and no mistake. You're supposed to attach the guns at this point so they can swivel out and away from the body through 90 degrees but figure that'd look daft on weaponry that big so will be leaving them off till after painting.

Last pic is it nearly done. You can see where the cockpit will go that there's a ratchet system inside. That's so you can pose the wings in various deployments, either close to the body or wide open - a bit like the Vorlon ships in Babylon 5 could do.
That seems a bit gimmicky to me, so i've stuck them in this half-open way, which i think looks best.
You can also the huge amount of bare space midships. That's a real surprise, given the detail all over the rest of the craft, so i'll be adding some of my own. And cover up that gappy join the process.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hated the design of this ship, so un-Star Wars, all it's good for is spare parts !!! :)

Mangamax said...

Awww, it ain't that bad - there's worse in the prequels 8)