Thursday, 25 August 2011

Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle

Had a REAL long shift at work last night all by meself (thank you SO much Inbetweeners) and needed something to pass the time.
Knew my local Modelzone had loads of Star Wars kits in their sale so bunged me glue and scalpel in the bag and popped in on the way to work to get me a kit.
I plumped for this ship as, like many craft from the Clone Wars animated series, its a time only 20-odd years before the original trilogy and they're all showing the genesis of "future" designs.
Here, of course, we've got a very Imperial Shuttle look with those drop down wings, but (and this is what sold it for me) the cockpit really is reminiscent of the Walkers head.
So, bought one, took it work, opened it up - and my time diverting plan fell apart.
Its actually a snap fit kit, needing no glue at all. Usually, in times gone by, the notion has filled me with horror, what with clumsy, bulky, ill fitting parts and accuracy being sacrificed for the notion.
Couldn't be more wrong here though.
All the parts are crisply detailed, the part fit is excellent and well up there with the Japanese kit makers.
The paint job is pretty good too, with really nice weathering to all parts.
But they all look a bit "plasticy" and all have the same sheen.
So i'll be repainting after the build.
The cockpit is very, very nice and the figures, tiny as they are (guess its about 1/100th scale)are painted. All i've done there is to add a black wash to make the detail pop a bit more.
Looking forward to weathering this in true Star Wars fashion.

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In Chigh said...

ive been thinking about picking up something from this range of models myself (like yourself, to repaint) Thanks for the review, and i look forward to seeing what you do with this one.